Top Questions on Dental Implants You Must Ask to Your Dentist Before Going for It!


Many patients in St-Onge want to know more about dental implants. However, they get confused on where exactly to begin.

If you too are one of them, what can be the best source to learn more about implants dentaires St-Onge than the expert dentists there themselves? Well, read on and know what questions you should ask your dentist if you too want to go with dental implants.

Will I get mini-implant or regular size implant?

Mini implant and regular size implants, both are different. While regular sized one is basically a gold standard to replace missing teeth, mini implants are less costly and not that much effective as well. So, make sure to ask which one you will be getting!

Which company will make my implant?

You will be really amazed knowing that not all of the implants are same. Just like other products, there are many manufacturers of the dental implants as well. So, talk to your dental expert to ensure that you get not just any random but a top-quality implant.

What kind of specialized training you have acquired for placing implants?

It isn’t necessary that all dental schools teach implant surgery. It isn’t standard aspect of dental education. However, a general dentist is allowed legally to place dental implant even in case they haven’t gone through any training for doing it. Just make sure that your dentist has proper residency training and haven’t done just a weekend crash course on implant surgery.

For how long are dental implants are likely to last?

If implants are taken care of properly, they can last for as long as 40 years. They can often even last a lifetime for the patients that floss and brush regularly and follow dental recommendations that are made while their regular check-ups.

A dentist might not guarantee the implant’s long-term success, but they can offer you with right suggestions and guidelines to take proper care of your teeth. These guidelines will be based on hygiene procedures, your genetic history, nutritional habits, and so forth.

Can smoking affect the dental implants?

Dental implants in case of smokers are very highly likely to fail as compared to the non-smokers. Smoking results into gum recession and gum disease that can ultimately weaken the implant structure over time. So, the dentists recommend patients having dental implants to prevent from chewing tobacco or smoking.

It is crucial to do your homework before scheduling your appointment for surgery. Asking right questions will help you know what to expect from your dental implant surgery!